IIS PRIMUS Institute
(formerly, Institute for Innovative Study)
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The Institute for Innovative Study was established as a research and education institution in 2005 in the United States, operating as a non-profit organization. Its focus has been principally within theoretical physics including quantum relativity, biology and computing, including complex and non-algorithmic systems, and in the applications thereof. Particular emphasis and focus has been upon the development and extension of theory into feasible engineering applications such as space exploration, health sciences, and energy development.

Now (2018) the work of the Institute is reshaped and reformulated, with focus upon very specific programs and projects, within the overall structure and directives of The TETRAD Institutes, and specifically within that, the PRIMUS Institute. This includes all of the work of the LEAPS center (Laboratory for Emergent Adaptive Processes and Systems).

Contact PRIMUS Institute directly by email, phone or other media to learn more about all the new and exc iting activities, how you may become involved as a collaborator, partner, member sponsor or contractor.

Here is a link to OLDER MATERIAL from the IIS website, for reference. This includes most of the original 2005-2018 IIS website.

Much of this is directly pertinent to what is now going on and taking place within the PRIMUS Institute and also to some extent in its "sibling" institutes under the one TETRAD "umbrella" - OASIS, MIRNOVA, and ASTRA.

Certain projects, functions, and goals have been completed, some have been "translated and transitioned" into other programs such as within other organizations. Most of what is written about LEAPS is closely and substantively connected with the principal goals and tasks of the PRIMUS Institute.